Grote Verhalen – Great Stories – Histoires Grandes –
Jongensboeken Romantiek
A small house, a red cat called Casper, an orange motorbike, best friends, getting lost on the countryside, forgotten places, discovering treasures, sailing to the islands out there in the sea, falling in love, journey’s and destinations, searching for the rainbow’s end, meeting people, party’s and festivals, making things, experiencing and just living live.

With Grote Verhalen Mathieu questions the area between reality and fiction. Using documentary photography as a tool he creates the necessarry images for builing up a world in which the viewer is stimulated by the narratieve elements of the work to make up his own story and so pushing a document of reality into fiction. What is the art of making stories bigger than they actually are and why is this so attractive? A project about romantisizing the experience and adventure of life.

Grote Verhalen exists out of a huge image-database full of documents that are all necessarry to bring forth some kind of general image or impression.

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Het Book "Grote Verhalen" was published by Noorderlicht in may 2009.
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